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“Within this white shadow is a dimension we have yet to understand called Zero Point Energy (ZPE) that lights up a room with the warmth of confidence that bares no visible harm to life (no radiation). This forceless field brings in a new era of freedom no longer shackled by the fossil fuels of the past. We are at a critical joining point where man is on the precipice of change, gazing over the dawn of prosperity.”

The purpose of this white paper is to present New Fire Coin Inc. A private equity firm using blockchain-based technology that will help provide liquidity to companies needing funding to commercialize the energy industry’s latest scientific breakthroughs in Zero Point Energy (“ZPE”). Once Coined “Cold Fusion,” this phenomenon has also been described as Lattice Confinement Fusion by NASA and many other technical names. ZPE has zero radiation. In these white papers, New Fire Coin Inc. has opted to call it ZPE as it is the most adopted description of this phenomenon used today.

With the recent rapid evolvement towards commercialization in the ZPE space, we find that the additional demand for alternative energy is accelerating. At this critical juncture, we were faced with an array of obstacles that we needed to overcome to match the pace of exponential technology evolution pollution. Ever-increasing prices of energy sources lack transparency between electric custody suppliers
and consumers.

New Fire Coin provides the funds to lead companies the opportunity for ZPE technology to decentralize energy production worldwide. ZPE’s clean energy will release consumers from the consistent “price gouging” of polluting energy producers and (middlemen) suppliers. ZPE technology shall be made accessible to all individual consumers and businesses, large and small. This “New Fire” ZPE technology has proved “more energy out than in.” The next step is to implement actual scale commercialization. Our NFC Token leadership will champion a culture investment into ZPE decentralizing energy technology, which will change the world as we see it today. Energy will no longer be polluted or controlled by central governments and other less-than-transparent institutions but restructured as a decentralized commodity. Clean, inexpensive, and ultimately preserving our planet, ZPE is changing how we use and access energy forever.

New Fire Coin Tokens will be based on the Polymath Ethereum blockchain technologies and operate through smart contracts. Hence, the swiftness, security, and transparency of all transactions made in the NFC Token will represent a select few companies seeking to prove their effectiveness in the ZPE field and succession to a commercial market. Using ZPE’s technology’s increasing acceptance of NFC tokens will help accelerate the investment into these alternative energy companies and further help cure the world of global warming.

With scalability, ZPE (validated with a Sigma 5 and a COP of 500) is currently capable of retrofitting to existing boilers, modulating direct plasma to heat or heat to light, or plasma itself and can proliferate into all the energy needs the world has been waiting on. ZPE can do what every other alternative energy source has failed to do, pay for itself. The cost per KW will decrease dramatically worldwide. Oil utility will diminish to lubricants, plastics, cosmetics, cleansers, sundries, etc. Based on OPEC’s break-even crude prices of $6 a barrel, the oil will find its margins matching its non-energy needs in the next ten years. Fossil fuels, nuclear, and energy grid bond funds will see their yields drop significantly. Money saved from energy can pay down consumer debt and increase savings. Fiat currencies will lose popularity. Alternative value-based propositions will compete for exchange, thereby ushering in a renewed “cowboy era of energy” as the world will seek security through technology’s value proposition.

“New Fire” ZPE processes harness an exciting dynamic that lights up a room with the warmth of confidence that this clean energy bares no invisible harm to life (radiation). ZPEs’ forceless field brings in a new era of freedom no longer shackled by our past fossil fuels. We are now at an exciting point when ZPE’s clean energy release pushes humanity to a “harmonious with nature” era of ethical prosperity.

United Nations calculates nearly 8 billion humans are living on our Earth today. This large number has caused many pressing demands on both energy and natural resources. The demand for energy resources continues to grow dramatically. Renewable energy output is increasing but lacks efficiencies and competitive pricing power over the oil industry. The big picture is clean ZPE technology displaces dirty oil and coal as energy cost-effectively.

In 2019, global electricity consumption amounted to 22,015 TWh (terawatt hours). Compared to the 2018 level of 21,463, this represents a growth rate of 2.6%.

The largest consumer with almost half 45% of this consumption is Asia (9,777 TWh). Next comes the Americas, accounting for 25.85% of worldwide electricity consumed, followed by Europe with 3,377 TWh, equaling 15.34%. The remaining 14.4% are made up of CIS, Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. Pressing issues in the renewable energy sector are the limited access and affordability of both traditional and renewable energy, especially in developing countries. While well-developed nations generally give other consumers better access to renewable energy, higher energy bills come. As governments have passed aggressive initiatives to expand renewable energy capacities, energy suppliers have invested in renewable energy production. The costs are passed on to end consumers in the form of higher energy prices. Policymakers generally do not seek to counteract this, as they see increasing prices as a positive incentive for consumers to decrease wasteful energy consumption in an attempt to balance the higher energy cost.

Another problem is the lack of transparency within the energy industry and the inability of small consumers to trade with the producers directly. Often, a middleman plays the intermediary party between producers and consumers, who buys the energy from the producers at a low price and sells it to the end consumer at an abruptly higher price, thus benefiting greatly at the expense of both parties. Decentralizing energy is what Cryptocurrency is doing to fiats, by removing intermediaries globally and decentralizing, solving the middle person issue. The whole process is a black box for both consumers and producers, and the intermediaries do not make available information. NFC will help deliver a solution that will put the energy in the consumer’s hands without the black box manipulating the prices as the energy market has done for over a century.

Our goals are to enable and promote new energy technologies in the ZPE field through selected investments and synergy identification.

New technologies are forging ahead at an accelerating pace, and disruptive progress in the energy space will be world-changing, uniting scientific communities, economic revisions, and overcoming political stonewalling. The change in our lives will see the world in a different place where the monetization of energy no longer dictates the status quo. Energy will be a lesser bartering chip for improving our lives. Humanity will again be the driving force, and money will be of little influence.

Our strategy is to bridge the gap between the lab demonstrator, industry lab prototypes to commercialization. With so many companies on the verge of commercialization related to new and clean energy—our LENR strategy is dedicated to supporting these companies and making it happen as soon as possible.

NFC wants to help change the reality of energy markets, and between big electricity providers and end consumers, we have the alternative answer ready. Supporting the ZPE companies’ will help finish what has already been proven in many labs worldwide. NFC can help the world achieve clean, inexpensive energy. With the help of smart contracts that will fund the companies ready to commercialize excessive energy, with its multi-variant of phenomenon’s ever-increasing validation commercially, we will free the world of energy constriction.

Our alternative energy positioning comes from bringing in the world’s top ZPE Physics advisors in the Emerging Energy market. Their due diligence and familiarity in ZPE ensure each selection is superior. Broader industry themes do not strongly influence emerging companies in this Emerging market energy business. They see their role as not to lead but to be carved out by the inevitable impact shaped by such revolutionary technology for the longer term. Our Framework is bottom-up, and our theme saves the world. We believe we have found the most attractive opportunities within the Zero Point Energy space. NFC expects our chosen companies to maintain a solid continued research effort in the lab to commercialization with relative importance to the global economy.


Internal corporate governance controls policies and procedures.

The company has adopted a set of policies and principles to guide the behavior of its management team that will assist us in achieving the commercial objectives of New Fire Token Inc. and strive to always comply with the best practices.

The management team shall lead with the intent of meeting our commercial objectives and those of our New Fire Coin.

The management team shall have an appropriate combination of knowledge, skills, qualifications, and experience to discharge their duties and responsibilities effectively to the highest standards.

The management team shall guide the company’s business to create value and allocate it fairly and sustainably to maintain adequate financial and non-financial resources.

The management team shall be accountable and shall communicate to Token holders a fair and balanced, at regular intervals, assessment of how the company is meeting its commercial business objectives of our New Fire Coin.

The NFC management team shall ensure that they uphold and protect the interest of the investors and safeguard the reputation and integrity of the global blockchain community.

The above fundamental principles serve as a good governance guide to the management team. The company has a range of policies that assist in adhering to high standards. These include corporate governance policies. This sets out how we implement internal controls to manage our business following high corporate governance standards. It has a board and other operating procedures that will follow and specify the responsibility of the board of directors and each member of the management team. It specifies a reporting methodology, the board of directors’ conflict of interest policy, and a whole series of other internal controls.

This includes a methodology in full compliance with your Baltar Law EU standards to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery, and corruption and report suspicious transactions to the Gibraltar authorities.

This includes a methodology to risk-assess our clients, including an approach for individuals in all types of legal entities.

This sets out a methodology for us to identify, assess, manage, and mitigate the risk of our business and get our compliance data protection policy. We take data protection very seriously and mount a policy to handle customer data that complies with the EU general data protection regulation, which came into effect in May 2020. We have thorough policies and procedures for the protection of digital assets, which we have developed with the assistance of specialized professionals.

You must read the contents of this white paper carefully before participating in the NFC Token sale. The contents of this white paper are not used for financial promotions. No entity other than the company can issue NFC’s New Fire Coin, which is intended to operate and function following the plans described in this white paper, subject to development changes.

This white paper and other documents published in association therewith relate to a Token offering for the sale of New Fire Coin offering regarding its intended development, and use is more particularly set out herein. You should consult a lawyer, accountant, or tax professional before deciding to purchase any NFC New Fire Coin.

Some of the research information is done by energy experts and other articles from company research supplement part of the presentation.

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It has the potential to mint more new Millionaires in a very short period than any energy device in history! A new era of energy, thanks to one revolutionary technology that has been developing for 30 years is now ready for the world to have.

This is the disruptive energy the world has been yearning for since the beginning of the industrial revolution, its potential is even bigger. A technology releasing virtually energy on-demand and never runs out with simple, inexpensive, very abundant elements like Nickle are just pennies on the Dollar. We are now at the dawn and precipice of the “Holy Grail”, ” New Fire”!

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